Research Technology Communication
Trained at the University of California Santa Cruz in stimulus design, data collection, statistics, scientific manuscript writing. Academic interests focused on attention, saccadic eye movements, consciousness, and evolutionary approaches to human behavior. Numerous articles in rigorous peer-reviewed journals and have served as a reviewer for such research in multiple journals. Started writing code at an early age, and was a Computer Science major in college before pursuing Cognitive Science more broadly. In the 1990's was front-side web developer as co-owner of a small web development company. Currently proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript; some procedural C and Python. Experienced with experimental design software such as Superlab and various eye-tracking software. Twenty years of University teaching in Cognitive Science including Memory and Cognition, Sensation and Perception, Biological Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Evolutionary Psychology, Research Methods, and Statistics. My classes have ranged from small seminars to those including 100's of students. I enjoy public speaking - my belief is that if you're having fun speaking your audience will have fun listening.